Ultra Strobe Communications understands that satisfied customers are the best source of repeat business and a positive reputation. We're proud to have partnered with many fine emergency responder departments, businesses and individuals over the years. 

In nearly 10 years of contracting with Ultra Strobe Communications I’ve seen them go from startup to major player in the marketplace of upfitting emergency vehicle equipment. Their costs of product and installation labor has always been very competitive. Ultra Strobe provides a very professional end product that you could accept and immediately place into full service without hesitation.
— Bob Kravetz, Hoffman Estates Police Department
I can always count on Rob and his team to deliver quality work on time and on budget. They’re a pleasure to work with.
— Chief Tony Colatorti, Holiday Hills Police Department
Rob and Stacy are professional, local, friendly and reliable. I recommend everyone use the for any lighting issues you have with your car or truck.
— Matthew Wruck